Published by the Atlantic on March 13, 2017: 
Three days after the Reina nightclub attack in Istanbul, a group of young writers and poets meet in Taksim Square to support freedom of speech and to express themselves about the ongoing conflict in Turkey.

A 2-minute news piece on Dwight Turner's work with asylum seekers in Bangkok, taken from the longer documentary "Urban Refugee: Bangkok".

There are an estimated 8,000 urban refugees seeking asylum in Bangkok.  Thailand considers them illegal immigrants regardless of having U.N. refugee status so they remain mostly hidden and scrape by on odd jobs and donations.  Urban Refugee: Bangkok tells the story of this community living in the shadows of Bangkok, waiting in limbo for another chance at life.

Featuring Dwight Turner of the Courageous Kitchen and In Search of Sanuk and his work assisting Bangkok's most vulnerable asylum seekers.

A piece for the Economist that I co-shot about the forces and events that led to the military becoming so powerful in Thailand.

A news piece that I wrote, shot, edited and reported on the 2014 anti-government protests in Bangkok. 

A news piece about the trafficking of ethnic minority children in Thailand, and a Chiang Mai NGO working to make a difference.

This is my video journalism reel.  A combination of breaking news, human interest stories and on-air reporting.