Aid & Development Films and Animations

Produced by Tara Milutis and UN Women New York. Written, directed, co-shot and edited by Tara Milutis. Slow motion cinematography by Nopakorn "Toto" Theinsiri. Music by Chris Zabriskie and Ketsa.  Screened at the UN General Assembly in New York for the first-ever summit on refugees and migrants.

Produced, co-wrote and directed by Tara Milutis for UNICEF, on violence against women and children in Europe and Central Asia.  Illustrations and animation by Huaglom.

A short animated video produced, written and directed by Tara Milutis for UN Women about negative perspectives on female migrant workers in Asia Pacific. Illustrated and animated by Vicky Yang / Music by Ketsa.

A video documenting World Bank Group's conference on financing strategies for pandemic preparedness - which gathered global heads of government, finance ministers, scientists, doctors, and aid & development workers together in Bangkok.

Produced, co-wrote and directed by Tara Milutis for UNICEF, on the strength of girls during emergencies in Europe and Central Asia.  Illustrations and animation by Huaglom.

A short film about World Bank Group's project digitizing land titles in South and Southeast Asia. Written, directed, shot* and edited by Tara Milutis.  (*with the exception of Pakistan footage) Produced with Andy Shuai Liu - World Bank Group, Washington, D.C.

A short animated video from ECPAT's "Speak Out" series - created from interviews with survivors in the United States and Thailand that were conducted by Tara Milutis. The video is an overview of the growing epidemic of the sexual exploitation of children by travelers and tourists. Produced, written and directed by Tara Milutis for ECPAT International / Illustrated & animated by Vicky Yang / Music composed by Dominick Boyle.

Part of ECPAT's "Speak Out" series - this video was filmed in the United States and Thailand and created from interviews with survivors that were conducted by Tara Milutis. It addresses the demand side of the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Produced, directed, shot and edited by Tara Milutis for ECPAT International.

A video documenting an OXFAM GB forum in Bangkok that brought together aid and development workers from 18 countries to discuss and improve their work in fragile and conflict affected contexts.  

Journey to my Dreams - Child Migration in Thailand. A film about child migrants from Myanmar and Cambodia coming to work in Thailand. Produced, directed, shot and edited by Tara Milutis for Terre des Hommes Netherlands. Second camera by Lillian Suwanrumpha.

Director's statement on "Christmas in Karen State":

On Christmas Eve of 2014 I traveled to the black zone village of Basa in Karen State Myanmar, accompanying Karen Jesuit priest and social anthropology scholar Father Vinai Boonlue. Also joining us were Karen students from Chiang Mai and some of their relatives from the borderland refugee camps.   It was an intense and physically demanding experience - as once we reached the shores of Karen State we needed to walk for almost eleven hours, wading rivers and climbing up steep rocky jungle passes (all while carrying my camera equipment and trying to shoot when possible). It was an experience that would help me to understand first-hand the effect the 60 year civil war has had on the Karen, and the losses they have suffered. The route we took was dotted with grave markings of fallen Karen soldiers, and with each grave we passed the Karen we traveled with would stop and discuss who the soldier was, or reminisce about someone they had lost in the conflict. The KNU soldiers (Karen National Union guerrilla army) who led us on our journey were baby-faced family men - kind and funny young men who have risked their lives since they were teenagers to protect the independence of their people.

I traveled to Karen State and made this video so I could assist in raising donations for the projects Father Vinai and his Karen friends are undertaking in the region. So far they have built three schools, fixed dilapidated infrastructure as well as working with the Karen on ideas for how they can maximize their farming output and be as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. This project is unique in that it's Karens helping Karens - this is not an NGO of Westerners coming in and giving aid. It's a group of friends, separated by a border, but joined by the same culture that makes them who they are. Father Vinai may be a priest, but he is not there to convert. He became a priest because he wanted to help people, and he has helped so many marginalized communities in both Karen State as well as northern Thailand.

A video documenting a forum bringing together disaster management and humanitarian assistance actors from all over the Asia region to discuss ASEAN's AADMER - the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response. Organized by OXFAM GB. 

A video documenting an economic forum in Hanoi, Vietnam organized by OXFAM GB and the Rockefeller Foundation on inclusive growth, SME development, and women’s economic leadership in the ASEAN economic community.

A video documenting CaLP's (the Cash Learning Partnership) Asia Regional Research Dissemination Event in Bangkok. CaLP's mission is to make cash transfers central to global humanitarian aid response.

One in a series of videos documenting the group induction seminar for new OXFAM employees throughout the Asia region - focusing on OXFAM's core values and what it means to be part of the OXFAM team.

A video documenting OXFAM GB and Asia Development Dialogue's forum in SIngapore on building resilience and effective governance of emerging cities in ASEAN.

A short video documenting the beginning of a five year education project in northern Thailand.  The program is for Karen refugees from black zone villages in Karen State, Myanmar as well as marginalized ethnic minorities living in the borderland region who don't have access to proper schools.

A video I made to help raise funds for a remote medical clinic in Myanmar's Karen State that profiles the work of Father Vinai Boonlue - an ethnic Karen Jesuit priest who does aid work in the region.

A profile of the United Nations Office For the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and their projects in Asia Pacific. 

A video to work in conjunction with the United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs' (OCHA) guide to international tools and services for disaster response in Asia and the Pacific.

A short documentary about the plight of urban asylum seekers in Bangkok, and Dwight Turner - the African-American ex-patriate dedicated to helping them survive.

A fundraising video for Turner Broadcasting and Christian Action's "Soul in a Metropolis", a photography project featuring the works of Hong Kong based refugees, launching a multi-year arts initiative at Chungking Mansions Service Center for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.